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Understanding Hormone Replacement Compounding Pharmacies And How To Find One In New York

A compounding pharmacy refers to a pharmacy licensed to prepare personalized medications used by patients. These compounded medications are often based on the practitioner’s prescription that is used by the pharmacist to make specific and individualized drugs. The pharmacist mixes together individual ingredients in exact amounts, strength and dosage required by the patient. These pharmacies make many different drugs and drug combinations to come up with the desired dosage. Often, people experiencing hormonal imbalances prefer these services over other mass produced drugs. On the issue of how to find a compounding pharmacy in New York who makes HCG or any other customized drugs, it is important to first understand what compounding pharmacies are and how to choose a reliable one.


What are Compounding Pharmacies?

Before the mid-20th century, almost all prescriptions used were compounded. However, capitalism brought about the mass manufacturing and production of drugs around the 1960’s. This significantly reduced the need and demand for compounded medications because it was more profitable and economical to have them mass produced. This quickly changed the role of a pharmacist from preparing and compounding medications to simply dispensing them.

Since then, pharmacists no longer trained in compounding medications but rather simply dispersed them. However, it soon became evident that with mass production of drugs, some patients were not adequately catered for in terms of proper medication. This realization brought back the resurgence of compounded medicines. Today, modern technology, innovative techniques as well as research have allowed pharmacists to customize drugs and treat many personalized conditions.


Importance of Hormone Replacement Compounding Pharmacies in New York

There are numerous compounding pharmacies in New York that specialize in making customized treatments for hormonal imbalances in the body. Since New York is one of the biggest metropolitan markets in the world, it only makes sense that it attracts the services of many top notch compounding pharmacists who deal with not only human medication but also pets.


Today, many people suffer from medical issues associated with hormonal imbalances in the body. Since people have different DNA, it only makes sense that mass production of drugs designed to treat such imbalances in the body cannot work. Therefore, physicians must form a team with their patients and a pharmacist to come up with a solid game plan that will result in proper treatment. Once physicians have identified the hormonal problem in their patient, they refer the latter to a licensed hormone replacement compounding pharmacy in New York.

One such treatment is the Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) that is given for menopause treatment. This treatment makes a big difference in counteracting many menopausal symptoms, replacing any diminished hormones and relieving people of uncomfortable symptoms. All ladies experience menopause between the ages of 45 up to 55. Some menopause symptoms include weight gain, hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia, vaginal dryness, unwanted hair growth, painful Intercourse, reduced sexual interest, bone loss and depression.

Bioidentical hormones produced by compounded pharmacies are used to help reduce some or all of the side effects caused by menopause. They also improve the quality of life as well as providing greater satisfaction. Furthermore, they have been proven to be more effective than synthetic hormones. Bioidentical hormone replacement used for hormone optimization is gaining popularity not only in New York but also other parts of the country. This is because it helps many women improve their menopause symptoms, quality of life, sexual satisfaction as well as prevent many age-related conditions like osteoporosis, memory loss, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or simply HCG is used for causing ovulation in women, treating infertility as well as increasing sperm count in men. In addition, it is also used for weight management and in young boys whose testicles have not yet dropped into their scrotum. HCG is developed in a compounded pharmacy using the specifications of physicians and samples from patients for compatibility.


Finding a Suitable Hormone Replacement Compounding Pharmacy in New York

New York has many compounding pharmacies that cater for hormonal replacement as well as creating customized medications through combining active ingredients. However, it is important to be careful when selecting a pharmacy to cater for your medical needs to ensure safety and quality service provision. It is recommended to look at several factors before settling on one option:


1. Proper Licensing and Approval

Make sure that the prospective pharmacies under consideration have proper licensing and approval to compound medication. All the pharmacies must be licensed and approved by the New York board of pharmacy. In addition, the FDA must approve all the active ingredients used by the compounding pharmacy. Finally, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) must provide its approval to handle controlled substances.

2. Recommendation from Primary Physician

A patient’s primary physician is a good source of recommendation when looking for a prospective pharmacy for hormonal replacement. This is because, as a medical professional, the physician should be able to identify good pharmacies that offer excellent services and products. Friends and family may also recommend a pharmacy that they have used before. However, it is advisable to do extensive background search instead of blindly accepting any recommendation.

3. Look for Reviews and Accreditation Online

It is important to do an online search for any prospective pharmacies one is considering in New York. Look for reviews from previous clients. In addition, it is important to look for accreditation from trusted bodies like the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB). This board only offers its seal of approval to pharmacies that pass rigid requirements and strict inspection.

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